Join the NHS Chorus-19

The NHS Chorus-19 is a new virtual choir initiative for current and former NHS staff from across the UK. It has been set up to help spread positive and informative messages during the Covid crisis, and to give NHS staff a chance to come together through music.  Co-ordinated by Anna, the Choir was started by Dr Zoë Fritz and Dr Ellie Walder, both working on the Covid admissions ward at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge. Within 12 hours of inviting expressions of interest, the Choir had attracted 170 singers, and 24 hours later that number has grown to 320. Those involved so far include singers from Cambridge, London, Hull and Lanarkshire, with roles including front-line physicians and nurses, GPs, medical students, anaesthetists and surgeons. The first project is a rewriting of ‘Come on Eileen’ with Covid themed lyrics written by Zoë and Ellie. The song has three aims: to raise people’s spirits; to motivate teamwork within NHS staff and the wider community; and to continue to spread the essential safety messages that will help prevent infection. The music video, which we hope to release at the end of the month, will be aiming to raise money for the NHS and will also include Makaton and BSL videos to make the project as accessible as possible.