Interview with The i Newspaper

"Anna Lapwood: TikTok organist told to 'play like a man' is leading musical gender equality movement"

Anna speaks to Adam Sherwin of The i Newspaper about being named one of the Royal Albert Hall's four Associate Artists and her mission to inspire and open up the organ to young people.

"Classical organist Anna Lapwood’s TikTok clips have won 3m likes – now she has been named an Associate Artist at the Royal Albert Hall with a mission to inspired young people to play the instrument"

“When you play this instrument at full tilt, it tremors. It’s like harnessing a living, breathing force under your fingers,” says Anna Lapwood, still in awe at being invited to tame the Royal Albert Hall’s famous Grand Organ, a 150-tonne beast that challenges performers to master its 9,999 pipes."

“’s a really cool instrument and I want to open it up to as many young people as possible. Who wouldn’t want to play an instrument so powerful it can shake the foundations of a building?”

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